Cinema and Commercial Production

SHOTOVER has set a radical new standard for motion picture aerial cinematography, offering operators a level of flexibility and convenience that would be impossible with other systems. Developed with input from the world’s top aerial cinematographers and pilots, the SHOTOVER Creative Product Line allows camera operators to maintain the best point of view through our Academy Award winning stabilization technology.

SHOTOVER systems deliver breathtaking, motion picture quality images in packages that are portable, user friendly, and flexible enough to allow aerial cinematographers to select the camera and lens configuration that best suits their particular shooting requirements. Our camera systems are compact enough to be transported as excess baggage by a single person and can be used on aircraft, ground vehicles, watercraft and almost anything that moves.

Payload Options
Innovation Awards
Worldwide Users
K1 F1 M1 G1
Weight 175 lbs. 130 lbs. 66 lbs. 13 lbs.
Stabilization 6-Axis 6-Axis 6-Axis 3-Axis
Diameter 20” Class 15” Class
Weatherproof Yes Yes Yes Partially

Working with the SHOTOVER Hydra, we’ve not only been able to shave days off our shooting schedule in Gabon, we’re able to deliver background plates of unprecedented quality in even the most demanding environments

- Fred North, aerial coordinator for Tarzan

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