A 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal platform that delivers unshakable stability and next generation Ultra HD image quality in 2D or 3D with straight look down capability. Its open architecture allows a comprehensive range of camera and lens interchanges and its modular carbon fiber construction means it ships as excess baggage on commercial flights worldwide with no export restrictions.

SHOTOVER K1 Features

  • 6-axis gyro stabilized with look down capability
  • Open-architecture allows for creative freedom
  • Quickly interchange almost any camera or lens combination
  • Capture remarkable 3D footage easily using the SHOTOVER 3D with adjustable I/O option*
  • Windowless operation for brilliant imagery without reflections
  • Various top plate options are available to easily allow mounting to various platforms- land, sea and air
  • No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements
  • Low-weight carbon fiber structure with lighter gross weight than other systems
  • Modular design allows transport as excess baggage on commercial flights
  • Fiber optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery
  • State of the art electronics and design techniques deliver unshakable stability and ultimate functionality
  • Customizable graphics overlay for real time operator feedback
  • Auto or Steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market
  • Remote controlled polarized filter rotation, rain deflector and other accessories available

In conjunction with system users, our engineers meticulously designed the SHOTOVER gimbal controller. It provides the highest level of functionality with ideal placement of controls.

Features of the Gimbal Controller include:

  • Force Joystick Option
  • Iris Wheel control on the side and top of controller
  • Adjustable friction drag control for Iris Wheel and Focus Knob
  • White Mark-up Ring added to Focus Knob
  • Roll Rocker added, selectable control between Rocker and Joystick Twist
  • Wrist Support with quick disconnect
  • Common Camera Control Connector, with cables supplied for integration with Arri RCU-4, Sony RM-B750, Canon RC-V100
  • Dual 5V USB A Ports for powering Accessories (including smartphones)
  • Mount Holes on top & rear faces for accessories & monitor mounting

Product Specifications


  • 6-axis with no gimbal lock
  • High performance non-ITAR sensors
  • Distributed Multi-processor closed loop servo control system
  • Proprietary gimbal control algorithms


  • Pan: 360 degrees continuous (via electrical and optical rotary joints)
  • Tilt: +60 to -140 degrees
  • Roll: +/-85 degrees (steerable or auto horizon)
  • Max slew rate: 100 deg/sec


  • Fiber Optic lines 
  • CAN Bus
  • RS 422 Serial Bus
  • Ethernet


  • Turret with max 3D payload** approx. 110kg (240lbs)
  • Turret with min 2D payload***approx. 80kg (175lbs)
  • Operator control unit 2.7kg (6lbs)
  • Junction control box 4kg (9lbs)
  • External cable set: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
  • Fujinon 25-300 and Arri/Fujinon Alura 45-250 lens cases 61kg (134lbs)


  • 19-32 VDC
  • 20 Amps Max Draw (at 28V)


  • Operating Temperature: -20 to +50 degrees C


  • Lightweight
  • Customizable video overlay (Monitor Output)
  • Adaptable to camera remotes such as:
    Sony RM-B750
    Arri RCU-4
    Canon RC-V100
  • Other control layouts available upon request


  • Includes 1-Year Hardware Warranty
  • No Annual Fee for Support or Software Updates
  • 24/7 Service and Support Line

Please note manufacturer reserves the right to change specification to reflect improvements and or changes in technology at any time.

We are confident that SHOTOVER has developed a strong and future proof platform for our film needs.

- Andreas Gall, CTO of Red Bull Media House

Camera & Lens Combinations

SHOTOVER Camera Compatability. Select a camera to view lenses that can be used with the SHOTOVER K1


    Compatible Lenses

      The standard K1 configuration includes everything necessary to integrate the above camera and lens combinations as well as many more. The K1 can fit payloads up to 760 mm in length. Please note cameras and lenses are not included.

      No other aerial camera system provides the level of flexibility, control and uncompromising image quality that the K1 delivers. Audiences are going to be blown away by both the scope and agility of the aerial sequences.

      - Dylan Goss, aerial director of photography for the Great Wall

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