Homeland Security

Safeguarding country borders and enhancing national security requires optimal situational awareness for the identification of potential threats. With SHOTOVER’s real-time augmented reality software and comprehensive mission management solutions, you’ll be able to cover far reaching surface areas quicker by leveraging the lastest technology designed for early threat detection and assessment.

Regardless of the weather elements or time of day, operators can pinpoint vehicle locations, suspects, coordinates and more. Custom features designed for surveillance include our proprietary 3D compass that allows you to accurately estimate feature sizes, multiple orientation views for enhanced awareness, perimeter mapping and geo-markers to highlight specific locations or landmarks. 

Multi-Sensor & Surveillance Packages

M2 EO/IR Multi-Sensor System

Bringing many firsts to airborne ISR, the M2 Multi-Sensor system comes with SHOTOVER’s 5th generation, true 6-axis gimbal design and is the only EO/IR system that eliminates “gimbal-lock” and “horizon-rolling”.

M1 Surveillance

The M1 features the latest in large format color sensor technology for unprecedented daytime clarity and revealing nighttime detail.

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