SHOTOVER solutions for defense include flight proven (TRL9) stabilized sensor platforms, rugged mission and stores management systems, and geospatial full motion video recorders, in service with a number of militaries around the world.

Each component has been designed to support a variety of manned and unmanned aircraft types and mission applications. Stabilized platforms typically feature custom payloads with active and passive technologies, or sensitive user payloads. Management systems easily interface to other sensors and equipment and display geospatially aligned mission critical data such as routes, threats, ADS-B and AIS positions, weather, terrain profiles, sensor data and BFT icons, to greatly enhance situational awareness and decision making.

All information is presented and controlled from a single screen reducing size, weight and power (SWAP), and keeping the operator and crew focused on the objective.

Multi-Sensor & Surveillance Packages

M2 EO/IR Multi-Sensor System

Bringing many firsts to airborne ISR, the M2 Multi-Sensor system comes with SHOTOVER’s 5th generation, true 6-axis gimbal design and is the only EO/IR system that eliminates “gimbal-lock” and “horizon-rolling”.

M1 Surveillance

The M1 features the latest in large format color sensor technology for unprecedented daytime clarity and revealing nighttime detail.

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