A lightweight, weather resistant, gyro-stabilized gimbal platform that delivers unshakable stability with ultimate functionality. The SHOTOVER G1 can quickly be detached from the U1 multirotor and be mounted on motorcycles, tracking vehicles, cranes, cables and almost anything that moves. Buyers can choose between the U1, which includes both the multirotor and gimbal, and the G1, which is the gimbal without the aerial component.


  • Gyro-stabilized gimbal system
  • Wireless video downlink
  • SHOTOVER FI+Z with lens motors
  • Components to install camera and lens combinations per matrix
  • Remote camera control (RED, Arri, Sony, Canon, Phantom)
  • Available as turn-key sUAS or as standalone gimbal
  • Compact size and weight allows affordable transport as freight or excess baggage
  • No ITAR restrictions or EAR licensing requirements
  • SHOTOVER Free-Runner adaptor head. Quickly change between handheld, sUAS, mitchell mount, and bowl mount
  • Easily integrated into film industry mounting platforms
  • Advanced payload balancing system
  • 360 degree continuous pan, tilt, and roll
  • Delivers unshakable stability and ultimate functionality
  • Customizable graphic overlay for real-time operator feedback
  • Auto or steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market
  • HD video encoding & decoding for two video streams (HDMI or SDI)
  • Wired or wireless control
  • Open platform design allows for the integration of new cameras and lenses as they come to market

Product Specifications


  • 3-axis
  • High performance non-ITAR sensors
  • Distributed multi-processor closed loop servo control system
  • Proprietary gimbal control algorithms


  • Pan: 360 degrees continuous
  • Tilt: +65 to -120
  • Roll: +/- 65
  • Max slew rate: 100 deg/sec


  • CAN Bus
  • RS 422 Serial Bus
  • Ethernet
  • Single radio link for wireless communication with: Complete 802.11an: 5.15 - 5.85 GHz, 802.11 bgn: 2.412-2.484GHz
    • Gimbal communications
    • Multirotor communications
    • Camera communications
    • 2x Camera HD video


  • Input Range: 20-60 VDC
  • Consumption: 960W (MAX)


  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50 degrees °C (-4 to 122 degrees °F)
  • Weather resistant


  • Intergrated battery
  • Spare battery and charger included
  • HD video decoder (HDMI or SDI output)
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable video overlay for monitor output
  • Camera remote integration (Sony, Canon, Arri, Phantom)
  • Left and right handed joystick operation
  • Harness or hard mounted


  • Remote controlled rotating polarizer
  • Cone Mount 
  • Bowl Mount
  • Licensed downlink - mesh networks & licensed frequencies
  • Geo referenced overlay
  • Third party geo mapping integration
  • Log VFX data (GPS, FIZ, etc)

The G1 delivers rock solid performance and stability in every situation you can throw at it, whether going over 90 mph at full zoom or capturing sweeping, wide-angle vistas

- Thomas Roim, CEO of Black-Tek

Camera & Lens

SHOTOVER Camera Compatability. Select a camera to view lenses that can be used with the SHOTOVER G1


    Compatible Lenses

      “The SHOTOVER G1 has been an essential piece of gear for me while on location. I have been using the G1 every day for the past 90 days nonstop, 14 hours a day with no errors or faults,” – Mat Goodman of JDP

      - Mat Goodman of JDP

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      We are confident that SHOTOVER has developed a strong and future proof platform for our film needs.

      - Andreas Gall, CTO of Red Bull Media House