Hand Wheels Controller

To support operators of the G1 who prefer control wheels to joystick operations, SHOTOVER is pleased to offer the G1 Hand Wheels Controller. The controller provides the same capability as the orginal control unit but swaps out the joystick for two 125mm steel wheels to control pan, tilt and roll. 

Features of the Hand Wheels Controller Include:

  • Perfectly balanced 125mm 304 stainless steel wheels Wheel friction thumb screw
  • Adjustable wheel module position and angle
  • 3 seperate indentical wheel modules: Pan, Tilt, Roll Speed/rate pots
  • Polarity - via Hot Keys, Tablet, Phone, or On Screen Menu
  • Damping pot for end stops - 0-100%
  • Can be used with Preston FI+Z
  • Rate or position mode
  • Wireless option H.264 video option