SHOTOVER Systems Debuts M2 Multi-Sensor at APSCON 2022. July 27, 2022

SHOTOVER Systems Debuts M2 Multi-Sensor at APSCON 2022. July 27, 2022

Visit Booth 612 July 27-29 at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center to Preview the M2 Multi-Sensor System.

Reno, NV (July 27, 2022) – SHOTOVER Systems, a manufacturer of high-performance imaging systems coupled with the most advanced and easy-to-use, real-time augmented reality mapping software, announced today the launch of its M2 Multi-Sensor camera system. Bringing many firsts to airborne ISR, the M2 Multi-Sensor system comes with SHOTOVER’s 5th generation, true 6-axis gimbal design and is the only EO/IR system that eliminates “gimbal-lock” and “horizon-rolling”.

"This is it -- this is what we've been building towards for the past 15 years: an imaging system where the goal is not to be like a FLIR or WESCAM, but better. Better image quality, better reliability, better support.", said Tom Churchill, founder and CEO of SHOTOVER Systems.

SHOTOVER’s M2 Multi-Sensor features the latest in 4K Ultra-HD color and long life High-Definition HOT infrared technology for unprecedented day and night clarity. Precision zoom optics outclass traditional systems with superior quality while maintaining greater stand-off distances. Other exclusive benefits include automated license plate recognition; 24MP digital photographs; and automated steering, tracking, and other functions to simplify operation.

The M2 Multi-Sensor comes equipped with SHOTOVER’s next generation mission management solution with real-time augmented reality overlays providing instant identification of streets, addresses and POIs, and can also visualize weather conditions, aircraft traffic, ship locations, cell and radio emissions, friendly force locations, and more.

"The M2 is essentially a computer vision system with a design similar to modern-day mobile devices versus the dated camcorder style of other imaging systems. It has far fewer parts so there's less to go wrong or wear out; it’s highly automated making the system easy to use; and you can connect it to the Internet to conveniently add new features and functionality, or get immediate remote servicing and support.", said Robert Kubis, VP of Imaging Systems at SHOTOVER Systems. "It's a real game-changer and simply unlike anything out there today."

About SHOTOVER Systems

SHOTOVER Systems is a leading developer of high-performance imaging systems and real-time augmented reality mission management solutions for a wide range of markets including public safety, defense and homeland security. The company’s product range offers users a seamless end-to-end solution while delivering unprecedented versatility and ease-of-use backed by world-class service and support.

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