SHOTOVER M1 to be Used for Future BBC Studios Natural History Wildlife Projects

SHOTOVER M1 to be Used for Future BBC Studios Natural History Wildlife Projects

Los Angeles (June 23, 2020) – SHOTOVER, a developer of high-performance stabilized camera systems, announced today the sale of a SHOTOVER M1 to the largest wildlife documentary production house in the world, the BBC Studios Natural History Unit (NHU). Best known for its esteemed nature documentaries, including the Planet Earth series, BBC Studios NHU specializes in producing television and online content with a wildlife theme. The Natural History Unit is part of BBC Studios, which develops, produces and distributes over 2500 hours of content each year.

Customized with an interchangeable extended front cover, the M1 is capable of housing the Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm lens and a comprehensive range of professional cameras, including the RED DSMC2 Series. Utilizing a long lens and the M1’s wireless control system will enable the BBC team to remain at a distance from wildlife while still capturing up close, crystal clear images.

Portable and fast rigging, the M1’s lightweight design supports its use on multiple filming platforms on land, at sea or in the air and allows for affordable transport as excess baggage on commercial flights. The system comes with no ITAR restrictions, which means it can be shipped anywhere in the world without State Department approval. Additional system features and accessories include a sunshade to eliminate glares off the lens, geo pointing and mapping ability, and 6-axis Academy Award winning stability that offers unmatched look-down capability.

“SHOTOVER strives to empower the world’s top cinematographers by providing tailored technology solutions to fit their exact needs,” said SHOTOVER CEO Brad Hurndell. “We look forward to supporting one of the top wildlife production companies on the planet and watching the content they create using the M1.”


SHOTOVER is a developer of high-performance camera systems and UAVs for the broadcast, wildlife, utility and motion picture industries. The company’s line of gyro-stabilized camera platforms offers cinematographers an unprecedented level of stability, control and versatility in a compact package easily configured for 2D, 3D and Ultra HD shooting with the world’s most advanced cameras and lenses. Developed in partnership with the industry’s top broadcasters and aerial cinematographers, SHOTOVER systems are fully user upgradable as they come to market. SHOTOVER is online at [url=][/url]