Swap your Joystick for Steel Wheels: SHOTOVER Debuts Powerful, New Control Unit for Fast Selling G1

Swap your Joystick for Steel Wheels: SHOTOVER Debuts Powerful, New Control Unit for Fast Selling G1

Dedicated to providing cinematographers with the ultimate in performance, capability and control, SHOTOVER continually works to incorporate user feedback into its design philosophy.

The latest ask?  Wheels. To support operators of the fast selling G1 gimbal who prefer control wheels to joystick operation, SHOTOVER is pleased to debut a powerful new option, the G1 Hand Wheels Controller (HWC).

The HWC provides the same capability as the original control unit but swaps out the joystick for two 125mm steel wheels to control pan, tilt and roll. Perfectly balanced and featuring a friction control screw to allow operators to select the precise level of response, the wheels bring a new level of refinement to the G1 shooting experience.  A quick release switch allows cinematographers to easily adjust the position and angle of the wheel modules to best match their shooting style while user programmable pots enable fast setting of pan, tilt and roll rates.

“The G1 has become one of the hottest stabilized shooting platforms for the production community over the past year and we’re pleased to extend the capability of the system with the introduction of this exciting new control option,” said Brad Hurndell, CEO of SHOTOVER.  “The fully customizable G1 Hand Wheels Controller was designed to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding cinematographers, providing pinpoint accuracy across all shooting environments.”


G1 Hand Wheels Controller features include:

  • Perfectly balanced 125mm steel wheels
  • Wheel friction thumb screw
  • Adjustable wheel module position and angle
  • 3 separate identical wheel modules; Pan Tilt Roll
  • Speed/rate pots
  • Polarity etc – via Hot Keys, Tablet, Phone, or On Screen Menu 
  • Damping pot for end stops – 0-100%
  • Can be used with Preston FI+Z
  • Rate or position mode
  • Back pan mode
  • Replaces G1 Joystick Controller
  • Wireless control option
  • Integrated Video Encoder with user overlay option