Filming 100 Megapixel Large Format Aerials Over New York With The SHOTOVER K1 Hammerhead

Filming 100 Megapixel Large Format Aerials Over New York With The SHOTOVER K1 Hammerhead

Phil Holland's last shoot of 2017 in late December provided a unique opportunity to shoot some very high resolution motion pictures from the sky all over New York. Visually, it is a real treat to see this footage in motion, for now enjoy these 4K frame grabs. Hangar 95 and Gotham Film Works took delivery of the first SHOTOVER K1 Hammerhead 6-axis gyro stabilized gimbal which allows for cameras to be lined up and used in a panoramic array and everyone was very excited for its maiden voyage over NYC.



SHOTOVER is a developer of high-performance camera systems and UAVs for the motion picture and broadcast industries. The company’s line of gyro-stabilized camera platforms offers aerial cinematographers an unprecedented level of stability, control and versatility in a compact package easily configured for 2D, 3D and Ultra HD shooting with the world’s most advanced cameras and lenses. Developed in partnership with the motion picture industry’s top aerial cinematographers, SHOTOVER systems are fully user upgradeable, allowing operators to utilize new professional cameras, lenses, and accessories as they come to market.

About Gotham Film Works:

Based in New York, NY, Gotham Film Works provides cutting edge solutions for the most demanding productions worldwide. Gotham Film Works is designed to provide complete solutions for all aerial operators as the first customer for the SHOTOVER F1 and now the SHOTOVER K1 with a VFX array option in New York. GFW's equipment has been carefully selected to provide a range of high quality solutions that are in house and immediately available. Find out more information about Gotham Film Works at [url=][/url]

About Phil Holland:

Phil Holland is a Director and Cinematographer based out of Los Angeles, California. With a passion for high quality compelling motion picture content and a keen interest in state of the technology Phil has shot exclusively in the 4K and 4K+ arena for several years. In 2016 he went "all 8K" and has been a pioneer on that new visual frontier. He primarily works in the world of Feature Films, Commercials, UHD Broadcast, and VFX heavy productions and recently has been shooting the highest quality aerial cinematography around the globe for several clients. Learn more about Phil Holland at [url=][/url]