CONGRATULATIONS to SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway Grand Prize Winner Stephen McGee!

Stephen McGee is the grand prize winner of:

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CONGRATULATIONS to SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway 2nd Place Prize Winner Levi Allen!

Levi is the 2nd Place Prize Winner of a 3-day rental of a SHOTOVER F1 accompanied by a SHOTOVER technician and a Wipster Video Pro Account 12-month subscription.

CONGRATULATIONS to SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway 3rd Place Winner Dimitar Krustev/Anywhere Aerials!

Dimitar/Anywhere Aerials is the 3rd Place Prize Winner of a 3-day rental of a SHOTOVER G1 accompanied by a SHOTOVER technician and a Wipster Video Pro Account 6-month subscription.

CONGRATULATIONS to SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway 4th Place Winner Eduard Schneider!

Eduard is the recipient of a SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway Swag Bag Prize Pack

CONGRATULATIONS to SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway 5th Place and 6th Place Winners Ben Knapp and Josh Spooner!

Ben and Josh were recipients of SHOTOVER G1 Giveaway Swag Bag Prize Packs

Meet the judges

David B. Nowell, ACS

David’s first endeavour into Aerial Directing/Director of Photography was in 1992 during the filming of Iron Eagle 3 when he stepped into the director’s chair to help the production to achieve the visually amazing perspective they were looking for. Since then he has directed the aerial units for some of Hollywood’s top action features including The Perfect Storm, The Rock, Armageddon, Air Force One, Turbulence, Crimson Tide, Jurassic Parks 1 & 2, Outbreak, The Cell, Message in a Bottle and PEARL HARBOR, all projects to which he brought the same creativity and enthusiasm that has marked his career.

Instagram: @nolzee1  

Ty Evans

Ty is an award-winning director and cinematographer, known for creating some of the most iconic skateboarding films and commercial work. For more than 20 years, Evans has been at the forefront of filmmaking, gaining the respect of the most elite talent from around the world. His resume is undoubtedly authentic, exploiting his diverse and impeccable camera skills, techniques, visual effects, and featuring the most groundbreaking athletes—exposing them to exotic locations across the globe. Evans has set the standard for the genre by combining the D.I.Y. spirit of action sports culture with the precision of a Hollywood shoot.

Instagram: @tyevans @ghostdigitalcinema Twitter: @tyevans  @ghostdigitalcinema

Travis Rice

Travis Rice is universally known for being one of the most versatile and accomplished snowboarders in the world with the ability to transcend into the mainstream market while being known as a legend on the mountain and visionary in snowboarding. He has channeled his passion for the mountains and the art of snowboarding into the production of multiple award winning and top grossing films such as That's It, That's all (2008), The Art of Flight (2011) and his most recent project - The Fourth Phase (2016). His innovative skills and cinematic creative vision have earned Travis the coveted position of both Snowboarder Magazine and TransWorld SNOWboarding's Rider of the Year.

Instagram: @travisrice
Twitter: @TravRice

Brad Hurndell

Brad serves as SHOTOVER Camera Systems’ CEO, guiding the firm’s business and technology development strategy as well as overseeing all of SHOTOVER’s worldwide operations. Brad has played a key role at SHOTOVER camera systems since its 2009 launch with experience in all aspects of R&D, business development and manufacturing, providing a customer centric design approach to the aerial camera systems market worldwide.  Brad takes the lead role in the planning, specification, component selection, 3D mechanical, aesthetic design and testing on all SHOTOVER products.

Instagram: @bradhurndell  Twitter: @brad_hurndell

Mike Prickett

Mike Prickett is an extreme Director of Photography from the North Shore of Hawaii. He has been shooting for 30 years and focuses on the action sports for feature films, commercials and television. He has shot in nearly every ocean in the world and has won many awards for his work. Mike’s list of credits includes: Point Break 2, Chasing Mavericks, Billabong Odyssey, X Men 2, Riding Giants, Step Into Liquid, Blue Horizon, The Ride, Day of Days, and Red Sky Morning. He also works with all the major television networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, National Geographic, BBC, Learning Channel, Fox Sports, and ESPN.​

Instagram: @​mikeprickett_  @saltnairstudios

Phil Holland

Phil Holland is an award-winning director and cinematographer known for creating larger than life immersive visuals. He began his career in 1999 and has been fortunate to contribute on over 200 feature films. He's been involved with multiple aspects of Pre-Production, Production, and VFX Post Production helming roles as a Digital Colorist, Digital Imaging Specialist, Conceptual Illustrator, Director of Photography, and Director.   

Instagram:  @philhollandphfx  Twitter: @phfx

Mark Toia

Mark Toia is one of Australia's biggest success stories in the commercial advertising industry. With over 20 years of working worldwide on huge multi million dollar projects as both a Director and a Director of Photography, Toia has received countless industry awards & accolades for his ability to deliver stunning artistic dramas and fast and furious action pieces. Toia's passion, legendary cinematography skills, vast post-production experience, joined with his ever evolving mind and machine like work ethic make him the perfect choice for any job.

Instagram: @mark_toia  Twitter: @marktoia