We Asked, You Answered.  SHOTOVER Introduces New Gimbal Controller Based on Customer Feedback

We Asked, You Answered.  SHOTOVER Introduces New Gimbal Controller Based on Customer Feedback

Pushing the bar in high-performance aerial cinematography means constantly seeking to upgrade the operator experience. Thanks to customer feedback in response to SHOTOVER outreach over the past several months, the company is excited to introduce a new Gimbal Controller, featuring several key upgrades.

Major highlights include a force joystick option, an additional iris wheel on the side of the controller and enhanced wrist support features. 

The new force joystick is designed to boost operator precision and control during high-speed shooting with a quick disconnect fitting that allows cinematographers to operate the gimbal freehand and away from the main controller.  Other new features include added back focus and extender for the Fujinon 42x lens and improved access to Red Epic control, roll reverse and gimbal menu. The Mode Switch has also been moved to the left hand side of the controller to enable users to change between normal stabilized shooting and look down mode without removing their hand from the joystick,

“The top directors and aerial cinematographers are constantly looking to out-do themselves when it comes to creating the most jaw-dropping aerial sequences,” said SHOTOVER president Alan Purwin.  “In developing the new Gimbal Controller, we listened to what our customers had to say and are pleased to debut an even more powerful shooting experience that offers unmatched control for capturing intense action in fast-moving and high-pressure environments.”

 Below is the full list of added features for the new Gimbal Controller.

Force Joystick Option

  • With quick disconnect fitting for freehand operation.
  • Added back focus & extender for Fujinon 42x Lens.
  • Improved access to Red Epic control, roll reverse & gimbal menu.
  • Mode Switch moved to left hand side to enable easy change between normal stabilized horizon and look down mode without removing the joystick hand for smooth shooting. 

Iris Wheel 

  • Iris Wheel control on the side of the laptop. Existing Iris still available in the original location. 
  • Adjustable friction drag control for Iris Wheel and Focus Knob.
  • White Mark-up Ring added to Focus Knob. 
  • Roll Rocker added, selectable control between Rocker and Joystick Twist.

Wrist Support 

  • Quick disconnect Wrist Support. 
  • Common Camera Control Connector, with cables supplied for integration with Arri RCU-4, Sony RM-B750, Cannon RC-V100.
  • Dual 5V USB A Ports for powering Accessories (including smartphones).
  • Mount Holes on top & rear faces for accessories & monitor mounting.