Seeker Aircraft Selects ARS for “Special Missions” Package

Seeker Aircraft Selects ARS for “Special Missions” Package

The Seeker, a versatile, one-of-a-kind, light observation aircraft specifically designed for surveillance missions and recently brought to market in the United States, has been equipped with a “special missions” surveillance package.

The Seeker is a two-seat aircraft that delivers unmatched forward visibility, seven hour aloft endurance and incredible affordability. Designed to address the explicit needs of a broad, rapidly growing but under-served surveillance market, the Seeker is already operating military missions in the Middle East and wildlife management operations in Africa, among others. It is also being used for a variety of commercial applications in Australia.

Not only does the Seeker provide superior fields of vision, but it also has the ability to carry a wide variety of sensors and cameras, and has the capability of stable and slow flight. The Seeker is unrivaled by other fixed-wing aircraft and is superior in cost and capability to many police helicopters.

The new, special mission package includes:

Churchill Navigation’s Augmented Reality System – a mapping system for airborne applications that is unique in providing the world’s best augmented reality mapping display, along with features designed specifically for Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, Emergency Management Services, Homeland Security, Fire and Wildlife, Public Utilities and Military agencies.

Persistent System’s Wave Relay data link system – an advanced Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system designed to maintain connectivity on the move.

“The systems integrated into the low cost Seeker will enable live video to be sent directly to either an emergency operations center, police vehicle, or to hand held devices,” said Kyle Shaw Vice President-Operations. “This live video, enhanced with Churchill’s augmented reality overlay, will enable leaders, law enforcement officials, and emergency managers of even small municipalities, to make timely well informed decisions.”