The F1 RUSH is specifically tailored for the unique capabilities of a jet platform, providing incredible dynamic range and unsurpassed 8K image quality at elevated speeds exceeding 350 knots and during maneuvers approaching 3G’s. The open platform design of the system allows for future resolution growth and a comprehensive range of professional camera and lens combinations depending on the needs of each client, and as new technology comes to market. 


Developed for the visual effects industry, the Hydra synchronizes six cinema cameras to enable motion picture productions to capture panoramic images of the highest dynamic range and quality. The system addresses the costly and time-consuming process of creating background plates used for digital compositing. By capturing 36K of images with a greater than 150-degree field of view, the Hydra allows aerial units to shoot panoramic backgrounds that can be seamlessly matched to foreground images by visual effects supervisors. These virtually distortion-free images are recorded alongside platform metadata that includes GPS positioning as well as the heading and camera angles of each discreet frame.

Working with the SHOTOVER Hydra, we’ve not only been able to shave days off our shooting schedule in Gabon, we’re able to deliver background plates of unprecedented quality in even the most demanding environments

- Fred North, aerial coordinator for Tarzan


Similar to the K1 Hydra, the K1 Hammerhead synchronizes 3 cameras together to capture extremely high resolution images for IMAX, visual effects/plates and survey applications. The system can incorporate 3 cameras in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Further increasing functionality, the Hammerhead can be suspended via a long line solution from 50 to 150 feet below a production’s camera helicopter. The system can also be mounted on cranes and camera cars.

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